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[Dictation for you] Carotene extraction

This article was first published on the WeChat public account “Quan Xin Quan Yi Student Objects”, welcome to follow! Link to the original text↓ Dictation 1. What are the types of carotene? 2. What are the functions of carotene? 3….


February 28, 2021

Top 10 healthy staple foods

No. 1 oatmeal Although oatmeal has no lower calories than rice, it is slow in digestion and absorption, making it full and hungry. From a comprehensive point of view, oatmeal is considered to be a staple food choice that is…


February 25, 2021

[Exhibits] Edible tableware

(Welcome to discuss friendly and rationally in the comment area) Exhibit No. 002 Edible Tableware Now, you can eat it cleanly-put Eat the tableware too! ■ Does my tableware look like cookies? Why does my tableware look like cookies? Why…


February 24, 2021

Are plant extracts really healthier?

The new trend of cosmetic raw materials-plant extracts With the continuous improvement of consumers’ requirements for skin care products, they not only have the functions of cleaning and moisturizing, but also hope to remove wrinkles and enhance skin elasticity. The…


February 22, 2021